10 Clever and Unique Birthday Card Ideas

Getting tired of the usual printed birthday cards that you can buy in your local bookstores? Want to make it different this time? Well, maybe it is really a perfect time to think outside the box and try some new ideas for birthday cards. With today’s technology, finding unique and out-of-this-world ideas for card became so easy. All you need is to browse for inspiration, there’s a lot of ideas in the world wide web, waiting for you to explore

Some of the funniest birthday cards that we come across with are the witty ones that doesn’t say much but have impressive one liners. No matter how simple you card would get, it will be one for keeps. So if you want to give your dearest something unique and humorous, here are some of witty and clever birthday card ideas that you may consider.

Pants Pocket Birthday Card

This card will be a breath of fresh air from other cards as it has a more unique design by looking like a pair of pants. And it also helps that there is cash stashed inside one of the back pockets. It’s quite easy to make. All you need are pattern, scissors, card stocks, glue, marker and voila! You can have this unique and brilliant birthday greetings.

ATM Machine Card

It will certainly be delightful to get your very own ATM machine on your birthday. This funny and amusing birthday card will surely cheer up anyone on their birthday. Aside from the monetary gift that you can give through this card idea, your celebrant will surely have a kick for this almost genius idea! No need to worry about wrapping a gift. At the end of the money stash, include a note where you can write your birthday messages for your recipient.

Piggy Bank Card

Via: Etsy

Via: Etsy

Not only are piggy banks cute, they are very practical as well. And they can make very cute birthday card ideas as they will surely delight the celebrant with their surprise. You just need a card stock, piggy cut-out pattern, marker and glue. Make it even more realistic by adding a googly eye on it. Insert your cash on the “insert here” slot of the piggy bank and voila! You’ve got this ultra-thrifty card for your birthday celebrant.

Spectacle Card

Via: Etsy

Via: Etsy

Nerds and geeks are cool and this simple, funny birthday card is a testament to that. Since the card is also very simple, you can write a very long birthday message as it wouldn’t look cluttered. Don’t forget to include the “icon” of nerds, the square-rimmed glasses in front of your card.

Cat Birthday Card

For cat lovers, they will love the pun intended in this all too adorable cat birthday card. To get this one, all you need is a printed image of a funny cat, insert your pun intended birthday wishes and there you have it! You may add other birthday elements such as party hats, balloons, etc.

Minion Birthday Card

These sweet and adorable minions never fail to make people smile and feel better. They always seem to have the best things to say especially on birthdays. This tri-color birthday wishes is surely a hit for your celebrant, especially for teens and tweens. You just need yellow card stock, black lettering, cut outs, scissors, marker and glue.

Candle Light Card


People are allowed to be cheesy once in a while especially during birthdays. So say what you want to say to your special someone on his or her special day with this birthday card. Grab small candles, glue it on your birthday card and write birthday greetings like “you light up my life”, happy birthday!

Latte Card


Life is always better with coffee. Even when you are late for something, coffee makes everything okay. This humurous birthday card is perfect for those who love coffee, especially Fivebucks, errrr, is that “Starbucks?. Anyway, like I’m saying this is good for coffee lovers. Don’t forget to write your funny birthday wishes on your card.

Pop-up Card

Give your birthday card a surprise element. It is something that will surprise, then give delight, to your recipient. In this card, there are banners and cut-outs of birthday elements that when you open the card, will be popped up.

Button Snails Card


Looking for ideas on how to use those useless buttons in your sewing box? Why don’t you use it for your next handmade birthday card. In this idea, buttons are used and created the image of snails. This cute little buttons turned into something useful in this birthday card.

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