Christmas Party Games for Kids


The Christmas party is not just about festive Christmas decorations, delicious snacks, and groovy music. You are not done until you put together some fun games for everyone, especially your little guests. Here is a list of fun games and activities that will keep the kids entertained all night long. The best bet would be to choose games that both kids and adults could take part. This way the young kids would not have to spend the party all by themselves.

1. Christmas Pictionary

Christmas Pictionary is not just a picture drawing guessing game. The rules will be same like the normal Pictionary, but the medium will be different. For this game, you will require several sheets of paper towels, tin foil, parchment paper, and frosting. Divide the kids into teams, select a clue and then ask the child to draw a diagram or clue using the frosting. The winner team will be the one who has accrued the most points. Note: To deter excess frosting activities, award bonus points for neatness in frosting use.

2. Christmas White Elephant

A Christmas party is incomplete without the white elephant game. This is one of the best Christmas activities for kids that you should include in your party. There are several ways to play the white elephant game, and each method is fun in its own way. A set of rules applies when selecting the game. Make sure that all the participants are on the same page and specify what type of exchange it will be. If the gifts are to be purchased, then set the price limit. Once all the gifts are opened, the mayhem of stealing can begin. Each player can keep his or her selected gift or steal it from someone else. If the gift is stolen, the participant gets to select a new gift. This game is suitable for kids aged above 10.

3. Christmas Gift Wrap Relay

Gift-wrapping does not always need to be drudgery. You can easily make a game out of it. Set a pile of gifts, and then a pile of boxes followed by a pair of scissors, wrapping paper and tape. Divide all the kids into 2 or more teams. The team that wraps the highest number of gifts is the winner.

4. Pin the Nose On Rudolph

This game is a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Instead of a donkey, you have to use the cutout image of a reindeer with a missing nose. Blindfold all the children and ask them to aim the target. Whoever aims the closest wins the game.

5. Pass The Candy Cane

Divide the children into teams and then provide each team with sour candy canes. Tell the children to hang the candy canes over their fingers and then pass them on to the next member in line, but using the thumb. If all the four candy canes get broken in the process, the team is eliminated from the race.

6. Christmas Family Feud

This Christmas party game is fun for both kids and adult. Play a round of family feud and test the knowledge of holiday traditions, stories, and other trivia.

7. Candy Relay

This relay race is similar to the egg and spoon race. Divide the children into teams and place a bowl of candy and a spoon in front of each team. At the end of the line, hang a Christmas stocking for each team. The first child from each team has to pick a candy from the bowl with a spoon. Then, he has to carry the candy with a spoon to the stocking, drop in it and then race back to the next person in line. The rest of the children have to follow the same thing. The team that fills the stocking first is the winner.

8. Gift Unwrap Relay

Now that you have tried the gift-wrapping relay, why don’t you hold a gift unwrapping relay as well? Place some holiday treats in one box and wrap the box. Then place the wrapped box in a bigger box and wrap that one as well. Keep wrapping the box for as long as you can. When children arrive, tell them to sit in a circle and then play holiday music. Then stop the music intermittently, letting the child holding the gift, unwrap a single layer at a time, until all the layers are unwrapped, and the treats are given out. Alternatively, you can also wrap one box in several layers of paper. To make the game more fun, ask the children to unwrap the boxes with mittens in their hands.

9. Holiday Maze

Holiday maze is a great way to get your child’s party started. Purchase a ball of yarn or string for each child who is attending the party and tie a small gift at the end of each one. Hide the prize somewhere in the house and then unwind the ball of yarn around the room. Make sure you pass the yarn behind the furniture, around the banisters and under the table legs. It will make the game more fun and exciting. Repeat this process for the each ball of barn you have, crossing the strings amongst one another. When the children arrive, hand each one of them a pencil and then tell them to wind the string until it leads them to the end.

10. Mystery Stocking

Fill the stocking or a sock with a collection of “mystery items” without letting the players see what it is. Then pass it around, letting each child guess what is inside. Children would be allowed to shake the stocking, feel the shape of the gift and smell it. You can only answer the question with a yes or no. The player who guesses correct wins the gift. You can include little items like a pack of cards, crayons, chalk, a toy car, small, stuffed animals and ball.

11. Holiday ABC’s

Give each of your little guests a piece of paper with alphabets written vertically from A to Z. Tell them to come up with a holiday word that starts with each letter. You can divide the children into teams if it gets too difficult for them to work individually. The team that completes the list first wins the prize.

12. Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells is one of the best games to unwind the Christmas party. This game is suitable for kids of all ages and is enjoyed by all. Tell the children to sit in a circle. Place a chair in the center of the circle and put a set of bells underneath it. Choose a child as Santa and then make him sit on a chair with his eyes covered. The second child is chosen as a thief. The thief has to steal the bells without being heard. If the Santa hears the sound, he must try to point at the thief before he returns to his place. If the thief succeeds, Santa gets another turn to catch the thief. If the thief is identified, he becomes the new Santa, and the previous Santa has to rejoin the circle. Try to pick a different Santa and thief each time to ensure that everyone gets a chance.

13. Christmas Story Surprise

This Christmas, give your child the gift of a Christmas storybook to see his imagination take a flight. Wrap a small Christmas book for each child. Then make the children sit in a circle and hand each a gift-wrapped book. Choose a Christmas story and find a common word in the story. Tell the children that every time you say the chosen word, they would have to pass the book to the person on their right. Continue doing this until the story is over.

14. Christmas Carol Charades

Carols are one of the most important features of Christmas and Holiday season. Ask the children about their favorite Christmas song. On the count of three, everyone has to sing their choice of song, all at the same time. The child who messes up has to stop singing. The one who sings until the end of the game is the winner.

15. The Night Before Christmas

Give each child the name of some parts of Santa Claus’ outfit- sleigh, belly, elves, and reindeer and so on. As you read the poem “The Night before Christmas” , tell each participant to listen for his word, turn around and sit down the moment he hears his name. When you mention Santa Claus, every participant will have to change places and try to get a seat. The one left out continues the story until it is complete.

16. Passing The Parcel

This game is a Christmas variation of “Hot Potato”. Make the children sit in a circle and then toss a wrapped gift around while the Christmas carols play in the background. When the carol stops, the player holding the gift is disqualified. The participants can rejoin the game by singing the next two verses of the carol that was playing before the music stopped. The last person in the game gets the gifts.

These simple party games will turn your kids Christmas party into a Christmas bash. Both kids and adults are likely to enjoy these games. Give out gifts and prizes to the all the little participants. This way, no child will leave your house disappointed.

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