If you happen to found me then my post have probably captured your interest. That’s great! Then you click the “about” to probably look more info about me. Awww that’s so sweet. Then I’ll let you have some pieces of me.

Just call me Miss Fantasy. Well, the username is probably a little bit cliche’ but what can I do if the only thing I want to do in my free time is to fantasize which makes that username the perfect name for me. Enough of the name, I know you got my point.

Anyway, I am just a somebody who happen to have a computer at home, internet connection and fingers to use in typing. And I am also a somebody who just got a lot of free time in my hands. Then I heard about blogging. I told to myself, why not coconut? That’s when I realize that I can actually share some pieces of my thoughts through blogging so here I am.

I’ll just give you some basic points to know me a little bit.

I am ….

  • A girl
  • Single
  • Homebody
  • Dog lover
  • Freelancer
  • Crafter, at some times
  • A sister
  • A daughter
  • With two cute lovely nieces
  • And now a blogger.

Welcome me with you warm hugs!


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