Halloween Costume Ideas 2013

Halloween is just around the corner, and looking for popular ideas this year can be a daunting task. But lo and behold — you have come to the right place! This 2013, our costume ideas are inspired by great movies debuted last year (such as The Hobbit, Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, and The Great Gatsby). and fashion trends created on television shows! All of these ideas are guaranteed to relieve you of the stress of choosing what you want to be this Halloween — while giving you more time to prepare and have fun this holiday season.

1. The Icons of the 1920s

The Great Gatsby, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel will make its debut on the big screen this 2012, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby. This theme is perfect for couples who love to embody the nostalgia of the 1920s, a glamorous time that gave birth to popular iconic fashions and excessive luxury. Suit up in a similar role of that of the super wealthy Mr. Gatsby, or recreate the stunningly beautiful Daisy Buchana; better yet, grab a partner and stride your way glamorously throughout the evening! These can be a good Halloween costume for Halloween 2013.

2. In the Twilight Zone ( The Rise of Team Jacob and Team Edward )

Which side are you on: Jacob or Edward? Last year, we will finally see the long-awaited finale of the famous Twilight movie series with the premiere of “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” this summer. (No spoilers from those who have already read the novels!) Be part of this epic saga by showing your support for your favorite supernatural hunk, and be proud to reveal that even vampires and werewolves have the right to prowl this Halloween.

3. Gleefully Loud


If singing isn’t your passion but Glee is, donning an outfit from the popular series won’t mean you’ll be required to sing by Sue Sylvester. Gleek out this season as the popular yet notorious Sue or one of her Cheerios from the hit television series. Both adults and teens can avail of licensed Glee costumes and a variety of fun accessories (such as Sue’s notorious megaphone), so strutting your stuff as a Cheerio will definitely cause much glee among fellow Gleeks this Halloween.

4. Too Hot to Handle: Playboy

The Playboy Bunny costume is a classic outfit that has its own timeless and sensual appeal, thanks to the Playboy Club TV series. These sexy bunny costumes on screen have gotten everyone wanting to own one! This costume consists of a sparkling black tube top, a pair of glossy-black hot pants, bunny ears, and a tail for the backside! Just slip into a pair of high heels and fishnet stockings and you’ll be guaranteed an invite to the Playboy mansion party!

5. Phineas and Ferb Halloween Costume for Kid and Young at Heart

This is perfect for those who are young and who are young at heart. Check out licensed costumes from this popular cartoon series that is guaranteed to warm any child’s heart. Suit him up in a deluxe Phineas or Ferb costume – or better yet, let him go undercover as the iconic platypus secret agent, Agent Perry!

6. Charlie Sheen

Do you have tiger blood and Adonis DNA? Become the man who gave us these quotes and many other gems are no other than Charlie Sheen! Fans of this actor can splurge on a variety of Charlie sheens masks, wigs, and even a Malibu maniac bowling shirt for men! Gear up in this costume and start thinking about wild and innovative quotes you can wow the audience with this holiday.

7. Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies have been a Halloween classic since the time people realized the undead were an interesting type of creature with bad hygiene and a diet for brains. However, this year has seen a surge in popularity because of the rise of zombie pub crawls. Fear no more that Zombie costumes are cliche; there are now zombie versions of Alice in Wonderland, lady cops, nurses, prom queens, and many more! If you want a classic (and unforgettable) combination this Halloween, the zombie school girl costume is guaranteed to send hot (and cold) shivers down your spine.

8. Steampunk Era


Derived from the fashion of the industrial/Victorian era, Steampunk is rising in popularity this season. Their emergence in the mainstream has caused much interest in this fashion style, and donning your own Steampunk costume is guaranteed to create much nostalgic feel. These costumes consist of clothing that has an industrial and Victorian-era feel, with accessories that highlight this fashion: pins, watches with exposed gears, goggles, and belts with a lot of pouches. If you want to be vintage in style – a steampunk costume, especially for women — is the way to go!

9. In your True Blood (Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas)


Vampires are certainly in this decade, so why not star in your own vampire fantasy? For all the True Blood fans, Sookie Stackhouse is the perfect role model this Halloween! Slip into Sookie’s famous uniform and find yourself a tall, dark, and handsome vampire to enjoy the night away. Also available is Merlotte’s t-shirt and apron.