Halloween Crazy Face Redone Makeup Ideas

Halloween is coming, whoa! Now that I am looking at my calendar, it’s exactly 12 days before Halloween. I am so excited! But wait, I really don’t exactly know what to wear or what will I look like on Halloween. I want something beautiful yet scary, but as I browse for some Halloween makeup ideas, I saw this one and I thought why not?


There can be tons of types for this Halloween makeup ideas, so you have to pick your choice before getting started. But just to provide a briefer, here’s a classic example on a crazy face redone idea.

What you will need for this are the following: face make-up – white and black, pale green contact lenses, sponge and black eyeliner.

Crazy Face Redone Tutorial

1. First, draw the baseline on the half part of the face and the extent in which the face paint will reach.

2. Leave the unmarked side untouched, although you will need to extend the drawing a little on this part later.

3. Using the sponge, smudge a liberal amount of white face paint on the part of the face that you have marked the baseline. Continue to spread until half of the face is covered with white. Allow this to dry for around 5 – 10 minutes.

4. Then, using put another baseline on the face, where the black face paint will be applied.

5. In particular, draw a large circle around your eyes, to the point that its diameter will reach the upper part of the cheek bones and a little above the eyebrows.

6. Draw a horizontal oblong that will spread on the lines of your lips to an extent that this shape can almost reach your chin and the lower part of the cheek bones.

7. Outline some exaggerated teeth on this horizontal oblong (which will of course arrive in a relative manner of presentation)

8. Rinse the sponge to remove the white face paint and dry this a little before using this to smudge the black face paint.

9. Once the sponge is ready, use this to spread the black face paint on the circle of the eyes by simply following the outline that you have prepared first hand.

10. Trace the drawing that you have made on the lip part.

11. Leave the teeth part white, while drawing etching lines on it using the black eyeliner to depict the ruins of a tooth cavity.

12. Customize the design even more.

13. Using the black eyeliner, draw some crooked lines at the corners of the other eye in order to make them look like veins that has spread from the other side.

Crazy Face Redone Video Tutorial