How Do We Celebrate Diwali Festival of Light

Diwali_DiyaThat time of the year has come. It’s Diwali! This is my much-waited festival of the year. This is one of my favorites. Who wouldn’t love Diwali festival? This is the time when people seem to have no problem. People are all happy. You can feel the unity and fun in the air. It is also a time when all the thing you do is to celebrate and have fun, play games and just eat and munch around (which I usually do during Diwali).

So why do we celebrate diwali? Historically, it is believed that in the day of diwali, people of Ayodhaya light the entire kingdom using the small oil lamp called diya. They also burst crackers as part of the celebration. They did this to welcome their Lord Rama who came back from rescuing his wife Site from the king of evil Ravana. This day celebrates the day when the light defeated darkness. For Hindu, this is a very important day.

Now that we know the significance of Diwali, let’s talk about how we celebrate the Diwali festival. Here are some activities for Diwali.

Preparing Sweets


This activity is my favorite. No, I don’t cook, but I LOVE TO EAT! I am always excited when sister is preparing for yummy sweets. I tried cooking one but I was not as good as my aunts in preparing diwali treats. Some of the commonly prepared sweets on Diwali are ladoo, avail, murrukku, etc.

Cleaning and Decorating Homes

Weeks before the Dhanteras or the first day of diwali, we start cleaning our house. We move around out furniture and save some space for the pooja and other settings. We start setting up our pooja room and putting up our diwali decorations. Everything will begin to be so busy.

Making Rangoli


Aside from food, this is another favorite activity on Diwali. Those colorful rangoli designs are pretty in my eyes and I am trying different patterns every year. We often choose ones that use diyas and flowers. There are also rangoli competition events every year that, unfortunately I cannot join with. I am not that expert in designing but I love taking photos of them.

Lighting Diyas


Of course, being the important spectacles of diwali, we just can’t miss this part. Every night, we light diyas (small oil lamps). But these days, we just don’t use diyas. We also use different decorative candles.

Performing Lakshmi Pooja


Another important traditions of Diwali is performing pooja. In this tradition, there is a podium where deity idols such ad Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha are worshipped. This podium incorporates different items such as puja thali, offerings, incense, etc.

Playing Games

Together with my cousins and friends, we used to play cards on Diwali day. But I am more on outdoor games like hide and seek. These days, we prefer something westernized types of games like scavenger hunt with the theme of Diwali.

Well, since Diwali has come, I just got one wish for all of you, my fellows. I wish everyone will be safe on Diwali. Just have fun. Just enjoy the festival. Just be happy. But keep the true meaning of Diwali in your hearts while doing so. Happy Diwali to all!

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